Sunday, January 19, 2014

January 18, 2014

It continues to be cool in the Abacos....71 during the hottest part of the day but down to 62 tonight.....burr.   Chuck is going up the mast this morning before the winds increase.  The light went out our first night anchored off of Tahiti Beach.  David volunteered to help tail the safety line but we didn't get started early enough and he and Rita went into town.  That's okay because Billy was a willing replacement.  Once Chuck had everything ready that he needed, up he went for the 7th time on this trip! Wheeeee!!  It turned out to be a quick up and down.  He's really getting good at taking the cover off the anchor light, replacing the bulb, cover back on, and down he comes.  Once again, the bulb had burnt out.  Chuck can't figure it out, but those bulbs should last a whole lot longer than  a few months!

After the anchor light was taken care of, we took the dinghy across the harbor.  The waves were rolling in and I swear we had some 2 footers.   Sitting in front of Chuck, I got wet and he stayed dry because I made a perfect wall for him....the water was cold!!!On our way to the one store, I saw this car pull quickly off the road in our direction.  Two women and 3 kids jumped out and were trying to get our
attention.  We had no clue at first what they wanted. They were all excited and talking at the same time! Here,  they were on a scavenger hunt and they needed a picture of their whole team with a 'guy with a beard'.....guess who? Chuck cooperated with them even though normally he hates to get his picture taken. Hopefully they win the competition.  We got what we needed from town and headed back to the boat.  Half way there, the motor just quit!  Chuck would get it to start, then it would stop.  Finally he checked the tank and we were out of fuel. (Not Mr. Perfect!) That's an easy fix....fill the tank....wrong.  After the fuel tank was full, he pulled and pulled and pulled.  The motor would start but when Chuck would put it into forward, it would stall.  Yikes, the wind's pushing us into a huge motor yacht.  The captain of the boat was watching us and popped his head out and offered us a tow.  I was ready to say 'ok' but Chuck shouted out 'no that's ok'.....????  What's with men that they can never  accept any help?  Oh well, he's the one that has to row us half way back across the harbor to our boat!  Once back, he messed with the engine and it seems to be running properly now...I'm crossing my fingers......

The wind seems to be increasing all day and the temperature felt much colder than 71. By late afternoon, it seemed everyone stay below on their boats to keep warm.  We did venture out later in the afternoon to go for a walk, but the winds were blowing cold air from the NWN across the Sea of Abaco, so it was a very short walk.  Sometimes it's nice to just lounge around the boat and do some reading!

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