Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 2-5,2014

Thursday, 2nd  
Today's been kind of quiet in the marina.  I think everyone's still trying to recover from New Year's Eve and Day.  Our marina isn't full yet but everyone expects more boats now that the holidays are behind us.  However, the boats in Florida have to play the 'waiting game' to get a good weather window to cross over the Gulf stream.  Tonight is our weekly 'Pot Luck Appetizer' night at the Jib Room from 5-7. We decided to go and meet up with the crew.  Once we got there, the turn out of boaters was much better than last week.  I took Colette's cream cheese with hot pepper jelly as a spread for crackers.  It's very easy to make but yet really good!  Once Stephen started to signal closing time by dropping the side curtains, some of us went out to Bill's many people can you comfortably fit in the cockpit of a 45' Island Packet??
Friday, 3rd
We woke to rain, wind, and an exceptionally high tide!!  I think we had a new moon last night.  Our boat was so high off the dock this morning that we had to jump down onto the dock.  This is a first for us,  and  it wasn't pretty either!!  Cruiser's Net was busy this morning with their usual notices and advertisements.  Then a boater broke into the net and hailed everyone in Marsh Harbour let them know there was a dinghy floating away.  It got even better.  Two sailboats started dragging because of the high winds.  Other boaters were trying to get their attention on the VHF radio to no avail.  Apparently the two captains pretty much slept through all of the excitement.  What a morning!  Everything calmed down a bit, including the winds, in the afternoon.
Saturday, 4th
Yeah!!  Today Chuck and I are getting our is David and Billy.  Rita, lovely Rita, is coming into the marina at 3:00 to cut our hair. Boy do we need it since our last cut was in Annapolis during the week of the powerboat show...almost 3 months ago!  Believe me, we were both overdue! We went over to a little garden area under some palm trees and next to Mitch's sailboat.  He lent us his extension cord and entertained us to his music.  Rita did a super job...and she's not even a beautician!  She did sell hair products to beauty salons at one time, if that counts.  We were all pleased with the results of her work. What a gal! I should have taken before and after shots but at the time I didn't think about it!!

Tonight is steak night at the Jibroom and Chuck and I made reservations. The steaks are large and thick so we decided to get one full meal and a second of sides.  Splitting the steak would give us each enough meat to eat.  The steak was so tender and almost melted in our mouths! We were going to stay and watch Desmond do his limbo  show (8"), but it started to rain and it was getting late because they had to move everything inside.  So, we'll catch his act next week.
Sunday, 5th
The only thing exciting happening today, is Ilene and Billy's son is flying in for a short vacation.  We all were up at the Jibroom to meet and greet Eric.  Such a nice young man. 

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  1. Glad to see you back on your blog. We had breakfast with Mike & Chris. They are anxiously awaiting their crossing.