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December 31, 2013

Tonight is New Year's Eve!  Dinner and Party time at the Jibroom tonight!!  But this morning is "attach the mildew" day again.  This time we're washing the head, shower, and bilge areas.  I told you we're trying to do a thorough job.  Once again, everything must come out of all of the cupboards etc.  At least it's cooler today....well it's still in the 80's but the skies are cloudy and the winds are blowing out of the ENE.  After today's cleaning spree, we only have the V-berth tomorrow and the aft cabin on Thursday.

Once we finished up today , it's time for me to do two loads of wash.  Remember, we have to finish our chores so we can play tonight!!   Other's in the marina apparently had the same game plan as me.  Since there are only 2 washers and 2 dryers, it's frustrating when people leave their clothes sitting in the machines once the cycles are complete.  So, we took the wet clothes out and put them in a laundry basket on the counter....hope the clothes belong to the basket....oh well!!  Then when our clothes were ready for the dryer, the same thing......dried clothes taking up the dryer.   Geez....this time, Chuck took the clothes out and he even folded them!!!  What the heck!  I wouldn't have been so nice.

Tom & Linda (Boo)
The owners, Linda, Tom, son Stephen, and
friends and family were busy this afternoon setting up the tables.  They did a great job and everything looks really nice....white tablecloths and local flowers as centerpieces.  In fact, Stephens mother-in-law was cutting fresh flowers from the yards of the houses near the marina!!  LOL  It still amazes me that the flowers are in full bloom!

It's getting close to our dinner.  Appetizers start at 7:30 and the meal starts at 8:00.   There are eight of us at our table....Whisper, Rising Sun, Circe, and Happy Hours II.  This is going to be great fun!  I wonder if everyone is as ready to eat as I am.  We had a light lunch and  this dinner is really late for us.  Everyone had a choice of filet mignon or a salad, scallop potatos, steamed broccoli/carrots, and a lemon square for dessert.  Chuck and I decided to order one of each meat and then share.  Yeah right!  I had
maybe 2 bites of the filet and he heartily enjoyed the rest!!   Jason was the dj and shortly after people started eating, he started the music.  Dancing was on the front deck.  Everyone seemed to be having a great time.  Hats and horns were passed out and shortly before midnight, champagne was poured.   

Dave, Martin, Keith, Rita
Billy, Shelley

Shelley, Greg, Kait
Peter, Sandy

More Dancers
The down-side to the evening was the fire that broke out at the Mud....a shanty town of Haitians across the harbor.  We all could see the flames which were shooting up into the sky boosted by the high winds.  We found out that a 1 year old boy was left alone while mother went out to celebrate the new year.  Somehow there was a candle that he started playing with and you can imagine the rest.    Mother and son both perished in the fire and 500 Haitians are homeless.  So sad.......

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