Thursday, January 16, 2014

January 13, 2014 Tahiti Beach

I think everyone was up early this morning, just sitting in our cockpits and enjoying the quiet of the anchorage....until I heard the roosters crowing!   Later Rita told me they woke her up at dawn!!  LOL Our five sailboats have to be a beautiful sight from shore....all are facing into the wind, side-by-side.

We shouted  'good morning' from one boat to the other  and then discussed today's plans.  We all agreed on taking our dinghies into White Sound which is a cove on Elbow Cay.  Seaspray Yacht Club is safely nestled back in this cove and we wanted to check it out as well as maybe walking to the Abaco Inn. We keep hearing both of these places advertising on the Cruiser's Net in the morning, trying to lure boaters to their establishments. On our ride in, the water is gorgeous...different shades of turquoise while the sand is so unbelievably white.  Once we followed the channel and got further into White Sound, we headed south toward the marina.   Two boats off our starboard side caught our attention, so much so, that Billy and Ilene hit some rocks in the shallows....and we were all following.  these boats were sitting high and dry up on the shore.  Apparently a hurricane picked them up and lowered them on land.  They definitely are derelict boats now!!

We tied our dinghies up to the very high dock at Seaspray Yacht
Club-not floating that's for sure- and climbed the ladder up to the dock.  The 9 ( Kalissa left this morning and Kate is with us) of us decided to have a drink at the tiki bar  which was outside on the patio.  This is such a nice place and we all felt so comfortable that we decided just to eat lunch here.  Rita was a bit upset because she wanted to use their wifi to do post her blog while we waited....sure, if she was willing to pay $5 for 15 minutes....yikes!   Most places have free internet as long as you are a buying.  What a rip-off!!  After lunch we all walked over to the ocean.  The path we were told to take took us past the cottages and villas that are affiliated with the club.  The beach, like so many others we've visited, have coral or limestone along the shore....not a body surfing or boogie boarding beach...but lovely all the same!!
Mr. Man & Kate

Seaspray Villa

Seaspray pool
Ocean at Seaspray Yacht Club
Elbow Cay

Ocean at off of Elbow Cay

Cruising friends

Masts at Seaspray
Ocean at Seaspray


We made a mad dash to our boats to change into our swims suits and hit the beach...back to Tahiti Beach to do some snorkeling or swimming.   I heard a splash and looked to see Chuck diving under our boat.  He decided he needed to check out our zinc before we went to play.  He climbed back onto the boat for some tools since the zinc definitely needed changed.  I have a feeling this isn't going to take only a few minutes.  It's very hard to work with tools underwater while holding your breath!  It must have taken him at least 30 dives to take the old off and screw the new one on.  But, we're good to go now!  :)  Once we
beached our dinghy at Tahiti Beach, Chuck took his fins and mask in search of Greg and Billy while I took mine over to where Ilene and Kate were snorkeling.  It's been a long time since I've snorkel but the water was a nice temperature and I had a great time.  Ilene found a starfish and two conch.  I wasn't so lucky.  As for the men.....they came back with 4 live, dinner!

Kate with conch

4 conchs 
We were all going to watch Billy clean the conchs until  the skies looked like a storm was headed our way.  So, we all chickened out and headed back to our boats and left Billy and Greg to do the cleaning. Chuck and I took Ilene back to Circe II and Shelley and Kate zipped off to Simplicity II.  Rita and David chose to relax on their boat.  As it turned out, we didn't get any rain.  Before we knew it the two guys were back with the cleaned conch, Rita was asked to make conch salad, and we were all going to meet on Happy Hours II at 6:00.  Happy Hours II enjoyed hosting happy hour......great appetizers, great drinks, and great new-found friendships.

As for tomorrow, everyone is undecided on what direction to head out in the morning.  The weather is suppose to deteriorate as the week progresses.  We think it's foolish to be on the hook in really high winds when we have a dock.  Some of us want to motor south to Snake Cay while others want to head back north to Hope Town.  We'll all wait and see what the Cruiser's Net has to say about the weather in the morning and then decide.  As for today, we had a perfect 79 degrees with winds 10-15 from the ESE.  The low tonight is to be 72 with winds shifting to the SSE at 10-15 kts.
what was left of our zinc!

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