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January 16-17, 2013

January 16th
It started to rain last night before I went to bed.  When I went up into the cockpit to close some of the side panels, I noticed how cool it had gotten.  Apparently the cold front the weathermen were predicting arrived,  but surprisingly we had very little winds.  They were preparing us for up to 30 kt winds!  In fact, throughout the night, it was quite calm.  The morning brought even cooler temps but 69-70 is very comfortable.  Our plans for today were to go to Maxwells and get our boat provisioned for our trip on Snake Cay.  Even with the low hanging clouds threatening rain,  we still needed to venture across the harbor to the grocery store.   Boaters who have been coming for years have told us Marsh Harbour is the cheapest place to provision.....and it's not cheap!  The ride over to the dinghy dock wasn't bad but by the time we finished our shopping, the winds had clocked out of the west.  Needless to say, we had a bumpy, wet ride back to the boat. 

January 17th
It's cooler than normal this morning in the Abacos....again.  Nothing was planned for today until Rita hailed our two boats and wanted to know if we wanted to play bocci ball at 2:00 across from Snappas.  Why not?  We 6 decided it sounded like fun!  Billy and Ilene decided to motor over to town and check it out.  They didn't come back with a very good report.  Apparently there is only one bocci court and none of us could figure out how this was all going to work without it lasting all day.  I think it's just a  way to get people over to Snappas to 'drink' while you wait your teams turn!! LOL  So, we all axed our plans!

In the meantime, Chuck and I went for a dinghy ride to check out the little cove just north of the entrance to the harbor.  I found out later this cove has a name....Fanny Bay.  Chuck thought it might be a good place to snorkel.  We cruised along the shore out of our marina, passed the small rock islands at the end of the land and into the bay.  The color of the water is beautiful but shallow with a sandy bottom. As we slowly dinghied, it was easy to see the bottom but there wasn't much there.  We did see one ray that quickly swam away and one starfish.  Other than that, there's really nothing to see while snorkeling.  On our way back, our ride enabled us to get a close-up view of the houses along this north shore of Marsh Harbour.   A few were 'For Sale' and I'm sure very expensive.
Fanny Bay

Tonight's plan is to go over to Snappas to listen to a young saxophone player.  He is a 24 year old Bahamian and quite good with his instrument!  We were told that he plays at Snappas every Friday night from 6-8 and they provide free appetizers.....wings, egg rolls, and smokies.  It's a good thing the six of us got there early so we could snag enough tables and 8 chairs.....Ginger and Sam from sv/Grace were joining us also.  It didn't take long for every chair in the restaurant/bar to be taken!  Before we left, Rita and David even got up and slow danced.

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