Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas Everyone from the Abacos!
I was busy today baking for our Christmas dinner at the Jib Room here at Marsh Harbour Marina.  My plan was to make baked corn, which is a favorite of two of my grandson's.  (Landon and Levi, you would have loved it!) Chuck wanted me to  make his Grandmothers coffee I decided to make both!

It took  quit a bit of time to bake the 3-8x8" pans because my oven would only hold one pan at a time! It's a good thing that the temps are cooler today than they've been, or else the cabin would have been unbearable!!  I worry about baking dishes to share with others because I'm still a novice at using my propane oven..... but everything came out looking like I baked them in my oven at home!  And if I say so myself, they both tasted as good as they looked!!

Our Christmas Dinner started at 4:30 with appetizers and drinks which led into our pot luck dinner.  Approximately 40 people were there which included the cruisers as well as the marina owners.   It was unbelievable how much food was there!   There was the traditional turkey and ham with a variety of vegetables to mussels and shrimp cocktail.  Jim even made his homemade eggnog.....yum!  This is the first Christmas that we've eaten was cooler today....75 degrees. 

After dinner, we were invited to Ilene and Bill's, sv/Circe.  Rita/David and Keith and Trevor were already aboard.  Circe is a 40 foot Cape Dory
and what a beauty she is!  She even has a workshop...We had some Sour Cream coffee cake left from the pot luck dinner, so we took it to Circe.  We were hoping everyone was hungry for dessert about now....and they were!!

Snappa's Tree
Mango's Tree, inside
Jib Room's Tree

It was a difficult day trying to get in touch with the kids, my parents, and then Rick, Bev, and Mom McKee in SF through Skype or Facetime.  The connections were terrible all  day and our calls were dropped quite often.   I was grateful for the little time we were able to talk and see each other by video.  Hopefully the next time we try, it won't be so busy and it will be better...... _/)


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful dinner with your sailing friends. Hearing about times like that is when we miss our boat!
    We too had a pot luck Christmas dinner, GOOD FOOD, with several new found friends. The gentleman across from us ended up being from Ohio and lives 30 minutes from our Guilford Lake home. He even knew people we know. What are the odds?
    Happy New Year...John & Pat

    1. You and Pat must be fitting in nicely with your new winter retreat! Looks very nice and sounds like a fun place to be to get away the snow and cold up north. It's unbelievable that you would run into someone from the Guilford Lake area. We are anticipating the Links joining us soon at the Jibroom. Hopefully they will find a good weather window!! Happy New Year!! Hope to see you this summer when we all get back home. Betty & Chuck