Sunday, December 22, 2013

Saturday-Sunday, December 21-22, 2013

Marsh Harbour Marina and Jib Room

I just got finished doing the laundry.  I think I put it off long enough!  Who would have thought that I would be washing clothes outside and sitting by the pool waiting for the machines to finish their cycles.  It definitely is time to take a dip in the pool!!

Chuck is suppose to be washing the boat but when I got back, he had the windlass 'down' control all torn apart. He found out that it had  malfunctioned  and let out some chain sometime in the past week while we were tied up at the dock.  Apparently, the chain finally jammed and then the control shorted out...and we were clueless until today!

We knew there was a spare control in the nav table.  However, when Chuck compared it to the old, they weren't the same.  If he used this control, he would have to drill new holes in the deck and then patch the old.....not if he can help it!

 I ordered two new Lewmar control switches and adaptors from Defender.
To save having to pay import taxes, our parts are being shipped to Mike L. and he'll bring them over for us sometime in January....thanks Mike and Chris!!  While I was below deck finishing up with the order, I heard someone call "Happy Hours II, Happy Hours II".  When I popped my head out, it was Rita and David coming in to buy some water and to use the internet.  We walked up and joined them at the Jib Room.  They are great fun to be around!!

Well, today is fix-it day.  Not only does Chuck want to look at the windlass control but we found out last night that our macerator pump doesn't work!!  Oh boy....that could be a problem...and we could be in 'deep shit'  Lucky for us, two hours before we left the dock at Lake Worth to motor down to the anchorage in preparation for our crossing,  Chuck decided to walk to West Marine and buy a new pump.  He anticipated a problem and wanted to be prepared!  Opposite of the laws in the states, the Bahamas do not have pump out stations.  People take their boats for a ride into deep water and let it 'all out'. 

After switching out the pumps, Chuck moved on to the windlass control.  Even though we have new ones coming, I think it bothered him that we would be without the 'down' switch for a few weeks.  He's so smart......he replaced the malfunctioning little button in the old control with the button from the spare.  Once he wired it up, it worked!  What a great temporary fix!

Now that the jobs are all complete, we decided to
walk to Mermaid Reef.  It is a very short walk.  It's been windy all day in the harbor but across the road the Sea of Abaco is quite calm.  We kicked our sandals off and waded into the clear  turquoise water.  We found sea glass, a sponge, and  few keeper shells.   We might have to return tomorrow to do some snorkeling.


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