Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday, December 2, 2013

We woke up  again to a very over casted morning but the winds are suppose to be light and the skies are suppose to clear as the day progresses.  So it  looks like we'll be moving on....but not before we say our 'goodbyes' to Doug and Barb!  We're not in any hurry because the Addison Bascule Bridge(or NASA Causeway Bridge) does not open on M-F until 8 am.  So we took our showers, turned our key card in, and went to sv/Melinda Kay.

Backed out of this slip
Leaving Titusville basin
It was easy backing out of our slip this morning because there were no waves in the marina and hardly any wind.  The only problem we could foresee was removing the aft line that was lassoed over the back piling. Once again we were in a larger dock than we needed and that post was quite a distance behind our transom.  It turned out to be easier than what we thought...we backed the boat out a bit and with me holding the bow line, Chuck was able to use the boat hook and lift our loop off the piling!  I must say, we are getting good!

We are off!  We're not sure if we'll go to Cocoa Beach or Melbourne Beach!  What a hard decision.  Wherever we stop, the weather will be perfect anchoring weather!  Cocoa Beach is a 20 mile jaunt while Melbourne Beach is about 40 miles.  Once we passed under the City Point Bridge, the anchorage off of Cocoa Beach was very enticing.   So at 12:30, Chuck lowered the anchor and when I back the boat, the anchor didn't grab.  It took us 4 times before we were able to set our anchor!  We wonder what's on the bottom....mud, sand, shell, rock, what? I guess we'll find out tomorrow when the anchor is pulled up out of the water.

I like the short traveling days because it gives us time to explore.  On our way to the town's free public dinghy dock, we saw sv/Release.  We've never talked to them in person but cruised with them from Beaufort, NC down... and when we didn't see them, we heard them on the radio.   Al and Colette, do you remember Release?  This is the same couple, Ken, Francie, and dog Skipper!  They were on their sailboat, so we dinghied over to say 'hi'.  They wanted to know where  'Euphoria' was!  They invited us on their boat  once we came back from town. 

The historic town was very nice. The Palms, plants, and flowers were very lush looking.  I keep thinking it must be summertime!!  They have a city park right along the waters' edge and young and old were enjoying every minute of the warm day.  Town happened to be only a block from the water.  Ken had time to tell Chuck he had to stop and visit the Travis Hardware store which has been in business since 1885.  It's so big...multiple buildings and's an adventure all it's own!  Chuck was in heaven!

After trailing behind Chuck through the hardware maze, we knew we needed something to eat.  We saw a pizza sign...Ryan's Village Pizza.  The restaurant had tables outside on the sidewalk and we're both always game for outside dining.  It's unbelievable....sun, 70 degrees, eating in our shorts and  t shirts and listening to Christmas music....and did I mention, no snow!  I love it!!  :))   Once our stomachs were full, we walked the streets and went into some of the interesting shops.  Very nice!  Such a nice town, I'm sure it will be on our stop on our way home in the spring.  :))

After walking through the town park and checking out the architecture and statue, we headed toward our dinghy.  However, we ran into Francie taking Skipper for a walk, so instead of stopping at their boat, we went back to ours.  Once Release's dinghy was tied off the stern of their boat, we grabbed our bottle of wine and went for a visit.   What a nice couple.  It was great to officially meet them and learn about all of their boating experiences.

    The view from
     Cocoa Beach


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