Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

We planned to go to Whisper this morning so Chuck could show David how to set his anchor drag alarm and how to set a route on his Garmin 740S.  We were a little late because we decided to walk around the docks here at Marsh Harbour Marina. 

When we got there, Rita showed me their boat which is a 32' Westsail.  It was beautiful inside.  I don't think there was anything that wasn't wood!  The boat is so much bigger below than what you would expect in a 32'.  Very comfortable.  While the guys were in the cockpit working with the gps, Rita made her and me Bloody Mary's.   Boy did we have a great time!

Around lunch, Chuck and I climbed over the starboard side of the Westsail into our dinghy.  We motored to the dinghy dock and walked to find the Maxwell's grocery store.  This time we found it and it is very similar to the Publix's in Florida.  I thought the prices were steep in Florida, but Maxwell's is a bit ridiculous!!! A bag of Lay's chips was over $7.00!!!!!   Oh well, we have to pay the prices.

We invited David and Rita over for sundowners
later.  One thing led to another and we were planning a meal.  Rita volunteered to bring the pork tenderloin and salad.  I made a fruit cocktail dish, a meat and cheese plate, and veggies....oh not to mention Goombay Smashes.  Chuck and David grilled while Rita and I set the table.  What a fun night!  The food was excellent!!  We had a memorable evening together. Hopefully we can get together again!!

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  1. It is easy to see you guys are thoroughly enjoying yourselves.
    Merry Xmas...Pat, John & Kattie