Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Monday, December 16,2013

We decided to do some exploring today and walk to Marsh Harbour.  Jason, the dockmaster, said it was about 1 mile.  We grabbed the backpack and bags and set off.  Here again, people drive on the left side of the road, but cars instead of golf carts!  Everyone seems to be in a big hurry to go no where. HaHa.  I felt like we were taking our lives in our hands until we found some sidewalks in town....oh and they do have
1 redlight!!!!

Our main goal was to buy a cell phone so we could communicate within the islands as well as calling home if necessary..... this phone resembles the very first cell phone I had back home...definitely not a smart phone!!  We soon came upon a map of the town with locations of stores.  We continued on until we found the Conch Inn and the Mooring docks.  It looked nothing like we both remembered.  We ended up running into the owner and he told us that things have changed after being damaged by 2 hurricanes. 

          Conch Inn Pics

We found one of the grocery stores.  It was a Save-a-Lot. Later that afternoon we spoke to some of the other dockholders and they said we should have gone to Maxwell's.  Supposedly it is more like the Publix's in Florida and has fresh fruit and veggies....that will be another day.  We did find a hardware store where I bought a new mask and snorkel and also a Napa.  Yipee!  It's almost like home..........

On our way back home, we decided to stop in at
Mango's and get a BLT sandwich.   We both were so hungry for bacon of any kind!   Mango's is a very nice little restaurant overlooking the harbor.  It has an outside bar and tables as well as air conditioned indoor dining.   Once we were seated, Kathy and Curt from 'sv/Five & Dime' got our attention. We met them at Vero Beach but had heard them on the VHF radio previous to that.  In fact, I had called them yesterday to see how they faired on their crossing and where they were located.....what a pleasant surprise!!  Oh and the bacon sandwiches were so good.........
Peter the bartender

Once back to the marina, we checked out the premises.
We wanted to see the pool, showers, restrooms and such.  Then Jason informed me that the internet was now up and running.  I was thrilled and sent emails out as well as skyping.  I skyped Chrissie and got her at her office.  She then called my mom and dad and had them turn their computer on.  We then connected!!  It was good to see them.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get Tiffany or Rick.  Hopefully later this week!!!

With the internet, I found that I can use my laptop in the boat when I have my wifi antenna raised up the flag halyard.....lol.......but if I want to use my Ipad, I need to go up to the Jib Room and sit at one of the picnic tables.  This living on 'Island Time' is really nice! 

Marsh Harbour sights




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  1. It's hard to believe the journey you have made!

    You are officially on "island time"...J & P