Friday, December 20, 2013

Thursday-Friday, December 19-20, 2013

Still in Marsh Harbour and Loving it! And it is worth the ride to the other side!

Not much happening with us today. 

Just a slow, relaxing kind of day.  We did take a
walk to check out the Pelican Beach Cottages.  It's just a short jaunt!  In fact, one of our neighbor's kids flew in and are staying there.  There are 7 cottages and 6 of the 7  have 2 bed/2 bath and kitchen/living area.  They are very neat looking  Beautiful pastel colors overlooking the Sea of Abaco.  They actually have one of the few sandy beaches in the area and we were told to use it. 

Five to 7 on Thursday is happy hour at the Jibroom.  We thought we should go. Everyone takes an appetizer.  This is a great way to meet the other dock holders!

Once again another sunny day on the island.....80 and light winds.    We decided to try lunch at the Jibroom.  Their conch chowder was really good.  It's really nice to be able to eat outside in December.  It's so hard for me to believe that Christmas is just a few days away!

After eating, we took the dinghy over to the other side of the harbor to the dock.  We wanted to check out the Abaco Beach Resort and Marina.  When we were tying up our dinghy, here comes David from sv/Whisper in his dinghy looking for a spot also.  We walked with him to Conchy Joes where he had left Rita, and friends Keith, from sv/Rising Sun,  and Trevor.  Of course they wanted us to stay and eat lunch with them.   Since we already had eaten, we had to decline this time and continued our walk to the resort. 

The Abaco Beach Resort and Marina is very nicely landscaped and well groomed.  We walked in like we knew where we were going!  We first went to the marina.  Once again, there are so many slips and so few boats.  We figured only 25% of the docks were filled with a variety of yachts, trawlers and sailboats.  We heard that the prices to dock here are very steep and the management doesn't quite understand that if you run specials, more boats will come and more money will be made.  What a shame!! Maybe things will pick up after the first of the year.  From the marina, we found the restaurant, pool, bar, beach, and hotel.
                                          Pictures from the Resort

By the time we walked back into town, the heat had us needing a drink.  So we went back to Conchy Joes to see if Rita and David were still there....and they were.  However, they were just getting ready to leave and venture back to their boat.  We ordered a Conchy Joe Punch and sat and enjoyed the view. 

Conchy Joe's is a really cool place.  It extends out
over the water. I could actually see the water down between the floorboards!  The bar is shaped like the bow of a boat.  There is a roof but the sides are all open to make the bar a very breezy place to sit.  At one time, there must have been docks in front of the bar but now only the pilings are left.  A previous hurricane wiped the docks out and no one has taken the time to rebuild.   We will be back.  I didn't get to see the gal crack and clean a conch.  Apparently they didn't get any in for the day.  She told us that if the water temperature is too cold, the locals won't dive for the conch!  Hopefully on our next visit......

We ended the day by skyping Chuckie and family. Levi even was able to Skype us for awhile!  The reception wasn't very good.  At the beginning, their video was coming through very clear but as the time went on, everything started to blur.   At least we got to see the kids and had a nice visit. 

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  1. Happy Holidays From La Costa Del Norte.
    Sounds like you are having a great time.