Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Monday-Tuesday, December 23-24, 2013

It looks like it's going to be another glorious day in Marsh Harbour.  We did get a rain storm last night at 2am.  I woke up and ran around closing all the opened hatches.  That's quite a feat without my contacts in to see what I was doing!!  I don't think the rain lasted long!

We went grocery shopping in preparation for our Christmas Pot Luck dinner on Wednesday.  On our way back, we ran into an Australian couple.  They've been out for 4 years already and are living on their boat for another 4 years.   Their boat is 49 feet long and draws 7.5 feet!  So, they are anchored out toward the mouth of the harbor because their draft won't allow them to come into where the majority of the sailboats are anchored.  Of course, their boat has a washer and dryer on board!  I figured that was the only way the captain got  his mate  to agree to their voyage!! LOL

After our provisions were stowed, we went to Mermaid Reef to snorkel.
We need to take our fins next time so we can cover more area.....the water was very nice and clear.  Quite a few people were already snorkeling from 2 powerboats.  We saw 4 rock formations.  They resembled brain coral but after diving and inspecting them closer, they looked to be weights dropped for mooring balls.  Whatever they were, the blue parrotfish enjoyed swimming around them.  The water was a refreshing temperature and made for a nice swim.

Christmas Eve Day!

Today we are meeting  Rita & Dave from sv/Whisper, Keith & Trevor from sv/Rising Sun, and Ilene & Bill from sv/Circe at Mango's.  Rita hailed us early on channel 68 to confirm the time.  We all agreed to around 1.   We weren't sure how long we would last because it is hot today and no wind!! Even motoring across the harbor in our dinghy did not make much of a breeze!

Mango's is having a Christmas Eve Block Party from 11-7.   The party consists of a buffet for $12 a person and music.  We thought this was quite a deal and we figured it would be a fun afternoon.  Once we bought our tickets, we discovered their advertisement on Cruiser's Net each morning, left out the fact that we would be limited to  2 different meats and 2 sides.....and the drinks were extra!  Oh well, it still isn't a bad price!  The food was good and it was a great way to celebrate a pre-Christmas Eve.   
David & Rita
Trevor & Keith

Mango's Millenium

Mango's Tree, outside
About now, I would be finishing up with my cookie baking and preparation of my food for the kids on Christmas Day.  Chuck and I would be wrapping Christmas presents......I'm missing all of this..........Hugs and Kisses to Jesse, Landon, Bubby, Levi, and Makayla!!! Have a fun time tomorrow morning!!


  1. Merry Christmas! Sounds like you guys are having a blast.

    Roger and Carol