Monday, December 2, 2013

Saturday-Sunday, November 30-December 1, 2013

November 30th
We agreed that 8am was soon enough to haul anchor and take off for Titusville Municipal Marina.  I think we all were ready to move out of the New Smyrna Beach anchorage after the winds we had last night.  On Thursday, I had called and reserved a dock while  Barb and Doug from Melinda Kay already had reservations for the month of December.  We were all set for tonight!

We had a very pleasant day meandering along today's stretch of fish camps, the Mosquito Lagoon, the Haulover Canal, and into the north end of the Indian River. We haven't experienced any trouble spots with shoaling in the state of Florida like we did in NC, SC, and Georgia!    The ICW is marked well and it's just a matter of staying pretty much in the middle of the canal!
In fact, our big excitement for the day was not bumping bottom but watching a pink flamingo when it flew in front of our boat!  When I followed him with the binoculars, he landed on a small island with other flamingos and a flock of white pelicans.  Sweet!

Mosquito Lagoon

Haulover Bascule Bridge
Shoreline of the Haulover Canal

Heading to the Indian River

Since Titusville is only 31.5 miles by water from New Smyrna Beach, it didn't take us long to pass through the NASA Railroad bridge(open) and within hailing distance to the marina.  Titusville has 2 decent size mooring fields which we passed through while motoring into the basin of the marina but we decided on a dock due to more high winds.  We first fueled up and then were assigned slip B74.  We weren't even off the fuel dock when the winds came....much sooner than yesterday.  Both yesterday morning and this morning have been perfect but forget the afternoons!  Holy Cow....when we pulled away from the fuel dock and approached our fairway leading to B74, we had to hover around a bit in a narrow area. With the gust of winds, Doug was having a terrible time getting into his slip assignment. After numerous attempts, he made it in and then it was our turn!  The dock master was waiting for us to assist with our lines and Chuck handled the docking like a pro!
Can you see us in the dock?
Melinda Kay

We had plans to meet up with Mike and Chris Link who were at the Westland Marina working on their sailboat, the Missing Link.  Once I texted them to let them know we were in town, they drove over.  The two marinas neighbor each other!  They had wheels and offered to take us wherever we need to go....thank you Mike and Chris!  They told us about the great discounts at the local Ace Hardware store, so that's where we went.  Plans had been made before hand, to meet Barb and Doug at the Dixie Crossroads seafood restaurant....great friends, good food, and great fun! 

December 1st
Yeah, we got to sleep in this morning! When we finally woke up we noticed everything was wet. I must have been really tired because I never heard it rain.  The forecast for today doesn't look like it's going to be any better.  The skies are cloudy and it's a 'sweatshirt' kind of day.  In fact, maybe we should all have our rain jackets and umbrellas handy!  Chris Link made the comment yesterday, that the weather they've had for the past few days is typical of February weather!  Yuk!  Where are the Floridays? 

After meeting up with Doug and Barb, we decided to ride with them to Ace.  It's a long story but they have a car at the marina.  We thought we could help them find the hardware store and a few other stores they needed to stop Save-a-Lot!  The gloomy, rainy day, had us heading back to the boat early but not before a stop at the local Burger King.  The Jr Whopper was a long awaited special treat for me!!!

Once back to our boat and our purchases put away, we wanted to walk over to see Mike and Chris.  Before going, I gave them a call and here they were already on their way home.  We wanted to see them one more time before heading south in the morning.  I guess we will see them in the Bahamas in January. 

We wanted to spend more time with Doug and Barb before we split up and do our own thing.   So, we invited them over to our boat to play Mexican Train.  Since Doug made us drink his Moscow Mule drinks,  Chuck mixed up a good batch of Goombay Smashes.  We've had a great time together  over the past few days, and will miss them both when we leave.  Hopefully our paths will cross in the spring!

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