Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Chuck decided to do some maintenance on the diesel this morning.  While poking around in the engine compartment, he discovered a chunk out of the fan belt.  It was easy enough for him to change while at the dock but who knows what we could have gotten ourselves into if the belt broke while we were out cruising.  He was  puzzled though because the chunk came out of the outer part of the belt that doesn't touch anything!!

I got an email from Al from Euphoria this morning.  He wanted to let us know that Rita and Dave from sv/Whisper were anchored in Marsh Harbor. We had no clue!   Thanks for letting us know Al!  In the afternoon, we lowered our dinghy and went in search of them.   Our boats are really close to each other but we might never had run into each other.  So thanks again.  Once we found them, we visited for awhile.  Later they dinghied over to our marina to buy water.  The four  of us then went into the Jib Room, had a 'bilge burner' drink and chatted about our adventures!

Shore near Moorings
We also dinghied around the harbor:

Mango's from Harbor
Derelict Boat

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