Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tuesday, September 3rd

Wow, it's hard to believe that we've been on our trip for a week! 

Today is a dreary, cool, cloudy day.  We decided to go as far as Baldwinville, so it was going to be a long day....54 miles.  Along the way, we locked through #28B and 28A, a drop of 12 and 20 feet respectively.  Then on to lock #27,26,and 25 with a drop of 12 feet, and the last two both 6 feet.

Along today's trip we met 2 canal boats and 1 pleasure boat.  So since Tonawonda, we've basically had the water to ourselves. 
We were in for a surprise just before lock #30.  Our Garmin chartplotter starting showing the Erie Canal with red and green day markers.  Up to that point, our sailboat icon was moving along on land !  The day markers are also along the canal even though some of them are missing for whatever reason.  The western section of the canal is not on chartplotters so a paper chart of the canal is a must.
After crossing the southern end of Lake Cross, we arrived in Baldwinville at 5:15, almost a 9 hour day.


Baldwinville has a nice cement wall for boaters directly in front of the west side of lock #24.  They charge $5 for 30AMP electric which is reasonable.  However there are no showers and only 2 port a potties.

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