Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday, September 9th

Today is a work day at Riverview Marine.  While Challenge IV was getting their mast stepped, Chuck and I were moving our boat to the gas dock so we could pulled the stern close to the dock.  Chuck needed to reattach our wind index as well as our radar reflector.
As soon as we could we moved Happy Hours II over to the dock to have her mast stepped.  We were anxious to become a sailboat once again even though there still will probably not be much sailing in the Hudson River.


The mast has to be turned to get the spreader facing aft.

...and we are finally almost a sailboat again! There's one more job to be done.  The line from the crane needs to be released.  So,
one of the marina workers shimmied up the mast without a climbing harness.  He was good, not to mention he was probably in his 60's!...and maybe a bit crazy?

The rest of the day was spent tightening the turnbuckles, running lines, and finally in the evening getting the main on the boat.  We ran out of time so the jib will have to wait until morning.  It's been a busy day.  Riverview, one more night.  A great place to be,  the people are all so friendly.
Chuck and I both decided we needed to go for a walk.  I had my new scripts that I needed to mail. So we went in search of a post office in the town of Catskill.  I just didn't know what to make of the town and didn't feel comfortable walking the streets. 



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  1. The posts are looking great. I just love the pictures you are taking. It sounds as though you guys are having a blast. Keep up the good work.