Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sunday, September 1st

This year the lift bridge tenders operate on a 8am to 6pm schedule.  So we were anxiously awaiting the tender to arrive at his station in Middleport.  He was a bit late but at 8:05 we shoved off the wall and headed east.  We motored under 38 bridges to get to Spencerport where we were going to call it an early day and do some exploring.  Twelve of those bridges were lift bridges, 4 guard gates, and the remainder were fixed bridges and varied from 15' to 20' off the water.  The bridge tenders could be hailed on channel 13 or by phone, which we found to be easier!


The picture below is of gate guards.  They are lowered when NY needs to section a part of the canal off from the rest of the water!

As we were canalling along, the Erie did not disappoint us.  There's way more than just bridges and locks!
This picture of  'sv Captive Angel' , a 38 foot Irwin, is from Pittsburg.  What do you think Ray?


After a 38 mile day we motored into Spencerville at 2:00pm, went under the last lift bridge of the day and the tender lead us astray.  He told us to tie up along the new dock that runs on the east side of the bridge  and on the south bank.  Chuck was moving very slowly(good thing) and clunk....we hit rock bottom!!  He backed Happy Hours II off and we motored to the North cement wall.  Both north and south banks have very nice accommodations for boats but there is no water on the north side and the showers and restrooms are housed on the south bank underneath the Erie Canal Museum.  The tender came over and apologized to us and gave us the code for the showers. 

      New pavilion in the back.
.We are facing west.
 Cool restaurant on the canal.
  Check this bollard out!


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