Thursday, September 5, 2013

Monday, September 2nd Labor Day

Since we were tied up on the east side of the lift bridge at Spencerport, we could leave whenever.  So we cast off at 7:45 am headed to Newark Terminal.  We were really enjoying leisurely motoring, about 6.4 kts, on the canal passing the quaint towns, people, and beautiful relaxing....until we came to the locks.  Four of them today, #33 and #32 and then #30 and #29.   Number 33 was the worst lock so far for us.  It was so hard to grab the cables because Happy Hours sat so high above the cement walkway at this lock.  The lock tender was very helpful and placed my line around the cable.  My arms weren't long enough even lying on my belly!! A 25 foot drop and then we were out of there only to enter lock #32.  This lock was a little better but another 25 foot drop! The next two locks, 30 and 29, were much easier for us because they had ropes to grab with our boat hooks. 

            Flowers                                                                     Cut Stone Walls

Murals of the Canal Days 


We passed by two towns that would be worth visiting on our way home in the spring.  The first town that looked so inviting was Pittsford with all of its flowers and hanging baskets....

...and Fairport which has the last lift bridge when going east.  It's bridge is in the Guinness Book of Records because it has one end higher than the other and no two angles on the bridge are the same measure!


At Mid-Lakes Marina we decided to fuel up for the first time on the canal.  As it turned out Happy Hours was getting better fuel mileage and we were wishing we hadn't attempted to pull up at their fuel dock.  They had us pull in at a 45 degree angle to the docks and turning around was near impossible.  Lines were held by the dock master to pivot us around on our keel.  What fun!!

We got to Newark at about 4:45 pm....44 miles....and the north wall was almost full.  A powerboat was gracious enough to move his boat forward to give us room for our mast.  I think this is a popular place to tie up because everything is free, even laundry.....very nice.  Newark's claim to fame is that it is home to the Jackson-Perkins roses and Sarah Coventry jewelry use to be made right there. 

Oh did I mention...the couple behind us are on their way home to Toronto after being out on their sailboat, Dr. Doolittle, for 6 years.  They are slowly making their way home stopping at each and every town along the canal.


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