Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday, September 22nd

Still at Fairlee Creek!!  It’s going to be a great day.  Our plans are to stay here for a second day, explore and do any odd jobs that need to be done.  I got an email from ‘Mar A Lago’ and they were bumping and bashing their way across the bay to Baltimore.  Instead, we got in the dinghy and went to the little beach over by the channel and cut that is the entrance to the creek.  Walking the beach, we noticed it was a mixture of pebbles, small shells, fish scales, and beach glass!  I love to walk the beach looking for glass. 

Baby Turtle

Beach looking toward basin

Chuck walking along channel

30' cut we motored through
Powerboat going through cut

We motored to the fuel dock at Grand Oak Boat Club and filled the dinghy’s gas can.  The gas attendant was very helpful about the depth of the water in the approach to the pumps as well as where the dinghy dock is.  So we motored over, cleated the dinghy off and explored behind the boat and the yacht club.  It was a little past noon so we went in the to Grand Oak Bar and Grill for lunch out on the deck.  It had a great view of the boats and the creek.  We also discovered the golf course, swimming pool, and tiki bar.  Very nice!

View from the deck of Restaurant

Once back to the dinghy, the Seatow captain was there working on his motor and dinghy.  He has made the trip south 10 times, and he seemed to enjoy sharing his knowledge of the different areas we will be passing through.  I asked him questions about Fairlee Creek.  He said that it meanders for miles… we motored toward the back of the basin and found homes with docks and boats.  The winds picked up a bit, so the water began to chop and we knew if we didn’t want to get too wet on our ride back that we should go back now!  

House built over the creek
We spent a great afternoon on the boat.  Chuck wanted to check out the fuel gauge to see if he could get that to work again…he did.  He also ran the engine to charge the batteries while I did some more writing on my blogspot!  It then was a trip back to the beach before having shrimp on the grill.

Happy Hours II anchored out in Fairlee Creek
View from Bay looking over spit of land into creek!

Today's haul of beach glass!

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  1. Hey! Sounds like you're still having a great time. If you run into "Johnny Crash" at the Rock Hall town dock tell him Hi from us. He runs a trotline for crabs from his 27' Hunter sailboat and is an interesting fellow. The free town wall is a decent place to stay. Hope to see you at the boat show.
    Roger and Carol