Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday, September 10th

We got up fairly early thinking we could get 50 or more miles in today, but that didn't happen! Motoring out into the Hudson, we decided we better keep our enclosure on.  The skies were looking a bit intimidating even thought the waves were only 2-3 footers and the winds only 5-10 knots....and then some light rain came.....and then the winds picked up....and then the waves were rolling at the bow of our boat a good 5 foot high. 
We're use to rough water...we all know how Lake Erie can change very quickly.  However since Chuck had so much to do on Happy Hours II this summer, we rarely ventured away from our dock!  In fact, in the two summers that we've had her, we've never had her pounding into the waves like today.   She went through them well with the water splashing and running over the bow of the boat.  Not knowing much about the Hudson River we decided to error on the safe side and duck up the Esopus Creek at Saugeries.  We only were on the water for 2 hours and by 10 am went 11 miles.
Slowly we made our way through the markers, into the creek,  and anchored on the south shore just east of Lynch's Marina.  What a change in the surface of the water, not to mention the wind.  We definitely made a wise decision coming into this protected creek. Shortly after the anchor was set, the rains came with thunder and lightening.  As we sat in the cockpit of our boat, we commented on the benefit of having it enclosed.  Thank you CJ!!

Three hours later, the storm passed and the sun was trying to come out.  We decided to stay here and do some exploring.  So, we lowered the dingy and motor and went as far up the creek as we could, which wasn't far!! Turning around, we motored over to one of Lynch's Marina's docks and went in to talk to the dock master.  He gave us directions into the town of Saugeries and said that it was only 1.25 miles.....


.....yes but it was all up hill so it seemed that 5.25 miles!  It was a quaint little town that had models of lighthouses everywhere along the curbs.  These are going to be auctioned off and the money donated to the Saugeries Lighthouse.

On our way back down the hilllllllll, we discovered a waterfall on the Esopus Creek which flows into the section of the creek we are anchored in.  Then it flows out to the Hudson River.
It turned out to be such a beautiful day for exploring we hated to have it come to and end.  So we decided to take the dingy and check out the Saugeries Lighthouse.  It's only open to the public on Sundays and it is rented out as a bed and breakfast or other events the remainder of the time.  I love lighthouses so getting even this close was a thrill in itself!


This was such a great day, very relaxing and calming.  I know we were both glad of our decision to stay and will return in the spring on our way back.  After all of this we've worked up an appetite and headed home to grill some shrimp with old bay.......and watch the sunset.


  1. This looks like a cute little town. So jealous of you going to the lighthouse!

  2. First off I can't believe you are through the canal already!

    I admire your decision to wait out the weather. What's the saying? Take time to smell the roses. As it turned out you had a wonderful day exploring.

  3. We just finished riding our bikes along the canal for the last week and met "Do Littles" and they said they had talked with you guys. Of course, as you said, they are crawling along.
    You two have gained a lot of experience in the last couple of weeks. Sounds like you're handling things great. Glad you have the enclosure.

    Roger and Carol