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Monday, September 16th


After catching up on some much needed sleep, we grabbed a bottle of water and took off to explore Cape May. The Washington Street Mall was about 14 blocks south down Lafayette Street.  Many of the houses that we past along this street are historical homes dating back to the 1800’s….Victorian style with lots of gingerbread…and painted pretty pastel colors.  Looking at these old houses made our walk seem that much shorter.  Along the way was an Acme grocery store that charged $4.00 an hour to park and grocery shop.  Talk about outrageous!

The mall is an area where they’ve bricked the street and closed it off on both ends to keep vehicles from entering.  It’s about 4 blocks of souvenir shops along both sides of the street.   Something for everyone!  The typical tourist trap.   From the mall we turned south and continued our walk to the beach.  Since we didn’t make it to the OBX this summer, we really needed  a  ‘fix’ of the sand, surf, and sun.  Well forget the sun because it starting to mist. 

Cape May’s beach was very nice.  Since it is September and during the week, there wasn’t the crowd that I’m sure is common in the summer months.  However,  a few  cabana boys were still on duty for the fall tourists.  They still had the cabanas open, and people were paying to rent lounge chairs with a towel and also umbrellas.  Even though the mist turned into a drizzle, we continued to walk west because our goal was to find the Westside Market on Broadway St.  We read that this deli sold toasted pizza steak subs!  So we were determined to try one and compare it to the toasted  pizza steak sub at Rocco’s in Hatteras Village, NC.


We exited the beach where we thought Broadway St. would be and found we were pretty darn close…..but we had to walk about 8 blocks north to find the deli.  The sub was good but not the quality of Rocco's.  We continued on our walk and went back to the 'mall'  to get back to the boat.  We passed some more interesting shops along this route.

Key West Tacos

Grandma's House
Utsch's Marina has a really nice laundry facility, so once we got back from our  long walk I thought I better do some laundry, because I didn't know when my next chance might be!   Chuck stayed at the boat to wash her down.  While there I started talking to a woman (imagine that Sandy) and here she was from the sv Southern Belle that we followed most of the way along the Atlantic.  Her husband Lynn eventually came back to help her and we chatted for quite some time.  It seems the reason they kept slowing down was so they wouldn't get to Cape May before sunrise.....just what we thought....and they actually stayed away from the shore until sunrise. That was a very smart delay on their part.

 Once we were done with our chores and cleaned up, we decided we were hungry.  There are so many good restaurants close by and everything that we've heard or read about them have come with high recommendations.  We chose 'Lucky Bones'.  Prices weren't bad and the food was good.  I would recommend their scallops, fried or broiled.  Yum!!  The Lobster House is suppose to be the best but we didn't make it during our 3 day stay.  It was packed every night and tourist buses were parked in their lot.  I think we'll have to try it next spring on our way back north!
Site off one of the decks at Lobster House

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