Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 Another Day and Night in Reedville

The winds were to gust up to 28 mph last night.  That's why we went so far up into the Cockrell Creek...to get better protection. As it turned out, ti was pretty calm.  Starting at 8 am, we got slammed with a 30+ mph gust.  Wow!  Let's hope we set out anchor good!  I sure wish we were at a dock about now. Unfortunately of  us, these winds are going to blow all day and into the night.  It still is a beautiful sunny, cool day!
anchored in front of this scene

beautiful house on Cockrell Ck
Rita's cousin, Dolly, was driving 2 hours over from Manassa, Va to visit for the second time on our trip.  She invited Chuck and I to go with them to the store and lunch but we felt we should stay on the boat to make sure she doesn't start to drag anchor.  So far, so good.  So the two of us had a lazy day of reading and snoozing until we couldn't stand it anymore!! Around 4:30 we lowered the dinghy and motored over to the Crazy Crab Restaurant.  We ate there in the fall and really enjoy the food, atmosphere, and people.  Oh no, it's closed.  :(  Since our dinghy was already tied at their dinghy dock, we left it there and went on a much needed walk to stretch our legs.   We walked the one street of Reedville, up one side and down the other.  There is a watermen's museum along this stretch.  We heard that it's fabulous for such a small community.  Of course it was closed also but we walked around the grounds and out on their dock where they had 2 working boats in the water on display.  One was a skipjack! We passed the second restaurant in town, Tommy's, but it's only opened from Thursday to Sunday.  Go figure!!

On our way back to Happy Hours II, we decided to dinghy over to Whisper.   They weren't back from their outing yet so from there we continued our sight-seeing tour up Broad Creek.  These creeks are so scenic. The houses are very well maintained with manicured lawns extending down to the creek.  Many of these homes have stacks of crab traps either in their yard or on their dock so crabbing must be profitable.

It's 9 pm and the gusters are back.  I hope the winds settle down soon.  I would like a good night sleep!!

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