Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday, April 20,2014 Happy Easter from Portsmouth, VA

Happy Easter to our family and friends!

We had a very nice Easter meal with Rita and David on sv/Whisper.   Our gathering started with wine and appetizers while listening to soothing music.  We had roast beef on the grill, corn, mash potatoes, and gravy.  Dessert is Chuck's grandmother's Sour Cream Coffee Cake that I made.  It definitely is going to be an Easter that we will always remember!

The four of us then walked to Roger Brown's to check out the weather for tomorrow.  We thought we'd be able to take off but it looks like we'll be in Portsmouth for another day and night......

Once again, Happy Easter!!

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  1. Whats the hurry. The Hudson is going to be a mess with the spring run off and the Erie Canal may not open May 1st. Be careful up there!