Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tuesday, April 1, 2014 Redbird Creek Anchorage...77.5 miles later...

We’re anxious to get going this morning.  The sooner we get through the first trouble spot, Jekyll Creek, the greater the possibility of us making it to the next trouble spot, Little Mud River,  at a fairly high tide also.  So…Randy Prentiss was walking the dock and came to assist us in getting off.  It’s tricky here along the ICW with its current.  So at 7:45 am, Randy took our bow line and wrapped it around the cleat at our midship.  The stern line and the spring lines were on deck.  Chuck motored slowly forward to starboard(dock) which whipped our stern out into the creek.  Randy then gave me the bow line while Chuck motored hard in reverse….it worked!

We motored up Jekyll Creek staying 50 feet to the west of G 19.  I had this written on my nav charts from the fall.  We were out of the creek and through St Simons Sound, heading north and under Lanier Bridge by 9 am.  We had currents working against us while we were crossing the sound but once across and up the next river, the currents are now in our favor.   As of last night, we weren't
sure if we would get to the Mud in time but all is well.  High tide at the Little Mud River today is at 10:45 am and it looks like we’ll be motoring through that cut at 11:00.  What luck!  I even called and spoke to a SeaTow captain about his knowledge of this river.  He said we’d have no problems.  Just stay in the middle all the way through.  By now, we caught up with the 2 sailboats that were way ahead of us this morning…sv/Grey Ghost and sv/ Gorgeous Girl…we’ve not met them nor spoken with them either, but we’ll hang with them as far as they decide to go!  Our plans are to get as close to Hell’s Gate as possible so in the morning we’ll be there 2-3 hours before high tide. 
Gorgeous Gal out in front, then Grey Ghost

still trying to photograph a dolphin
We are having such a good day with the currents and winds that we both decided to push hard to the Redbird Anchorage…77.5 miles from Jekyll Harbor Marina.  We stayed here last November with Al and Colette on sv/Euphoria and we liked the anchorage.  Both of the other two boats called it a day.  Sv, Gorgeous Gal at South Newport River and sv/Grey Ghost at the Big Tom Creek Anchorage.  Not us, we made our final destination and anchored at 7 pm.  We’re not going to be alone tonight.  There is a huge trawler and a double masted schooner already hunkered in for the night.  The creek has a high current so we know when the tide turns,  we’ll  turn 180 degrees.  That’s okay since the winds are going to be mild throughout the night.   We are both tired from our eleven hour day…..and we'll be up with the sun tomorrow morning. 

sunset at Redbird Creek
anchored up Redbird Creek in salt marsh

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