Friday, April 18, 2014

Saturday, April 12, 2014 Where to Today?

We still haven't decided how far we'll travel today.  Frank from sv/Kokomo is still trying to convince us to anchor with them in Campbell Creek.  We're going to see what the time is when we get near River Dunes Marina ....maybe we'll push to Campbell's Creek or....even to Dowry Creek Marina.  Again it depends on if we get some help from the winds and currents!

sunrise leaving Morehead Yacht
Morehead City Yacht Basin

Chuck helped Kokomo get off the face dock.  Then, we undid our lines and were about 15 minutes behind them.  Our boat doesn't motor as fast, so we really can't keep up with them.  It is really nice to buddy boat but the boats need to be comparable in their speed.  Soon, we will be splitting up because Kokomo is going to take the Virginia Cut route of the ICW and we want to take the Dismal Swamp route.  We really liked tagging along and enjoyed Frank and Donna's company while in Morehead City!  It's always sad when we lose new found friends.  However, I'm excited because I think we're going to catch up with Rita and David on sv/Whisper.

beautiful place on Adams Creek

tug on Adams Creek
barge w/ cranes on Adams Creek
We have a nice push going through the Adams Creek Canal and all the
way up and through Adams Creek out into the Neuse River. The morning is one of the nicest we've had in weeks.  We're loving it!  It's very pleasant temperature wise...70 degrees.  our side panels are rolled up so we can really enjoy the weather today!  What a day on the Neuse River.  Oriental is off our port and soon we'll pass the exite to River Dunes!  :(  I really wanted to spend the night there but the day is too perfect to waste docking early.
how about this sailboat on Adams Creek
I just got a call from Rita on sv/Whisper.  They have another mechanical problem.  Two days ago they had a part installed on their transmission at the Alligator River Marina.  They had to stay an extra night per the mechanics orders.  This morning, they set off into the Alligator River when the transmission malfunctioned for the 3rd time and to add insult to injury, they went aground!   Transmission fluid everywhere!  Rita is so upset, I can feel her pain and misery.  She doesn't want to go on and wants to truck the boat home.  Tow Boat US finaly came while we were  talking...2 hours after the fact.  They are going to be towed back to the Alligator River Marina and call the mechanic who supposedly fixed the seal a few days ago.  We knew there would b

We are continuing on....the Neuse River to the Bay River to the Goose Canal/River...because the weather is still very favorable.  Our thoughts at the moment are to push to the Dowry Creek Marina.  The excitement of the day is when we almost got to Campbell Creek, a tug pushing 2 barges was barreling around the bend. We were both heading to the same red and green marker.   At his speed and our speed, we would have met between R14 and's too narrow for both of us to pass, so we pulled over and waited until the tug and barge moved through...hoping the water to the edge would be plenty deep for us. Commercial vessels do not slow down and even if they tried, it would take forever for them to control those two barges!  During our wait, we watched 6 dolphins playing. One smacked his tail fin when he dove under.  Awesome!!

wine bottle tree
Happy Hours II on fuel dock
We are off again.  The Goose River will spill us out into the Pamlico River.  From there it is 9.5 miles across to the Pungo River.  We need to top our fuel tank, so we are stopping at Dowry Creek Marina.  Hopefully we can meet up with sv/Whisper in the Alligator River tomorrow.....71.7 miles today...what a long day!

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