Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 A Relaxing Day at Osprey Marina

Rain! Rain! Rain!  I guess we're staying another day.  The thunderstorms aren't suppose to move out of the area until 11:30 am or later.  I think staying another day is beneficial to us anyhow.  We have 3 trouble spots in the next 65 mile stretch and the last two, Shallotte Inlet and Lockwood's Folly, are a good distance away.  We won't get there until late afternoon and that will put us there tomorrow close to high tide.

Once the rains quit and we were able to get off the boat, we walked up to the covered deck at the top of our docks.  While there, we met up with Charlie and Mary Beth from sv/Grey Ghost.  We sailed with them the day we left Jekyll Island and they left New Brunswick.  Of course we didn't know them them!  We sat around and talked, who we knew in common from the Abacos and where we went while in the Bahamas.  We eventually discovered that they met Roger and Carol Globig from Geneva Marina. What a small cruising world!  While they went shopping, Chuck and I had a relaxing afternoon on the boat.  I guess we were prepping for sundowners at 6pm on sv/Grey Ghost.  We had a great time getting to know each other.  We eventually got back to discussing the Abacos again.  They weren't able to make it there this winter.

It looks like we'll probably buddy boat with them tomorrow and maybe all the way up into the Chesapeake.

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