Saturday, April 19, 2014

Thursday, April 17, 2014 Happy Birthday Chrissie from Portsmouth, VA

Happy Birthday to our daughter, Chrissie!  Wow, do I feel old!!
Chuck decided to pour our two 5 gal cans of diesel into the the boat.  We really have nothing else planned for today!  He's then going to walk the cans over to Tidewater Marina and fill them.  This way whenever we're ready to take off, we don't have to waste time pulling into the marina to get fuel.  Sounds like a great plan.  In fact, David did the same thing on Tuesday.  The boat took the 10 gallons.  We borrowed David's carrier-on-wheels and took off for the marina...4 blocks away.

Seaboard Railroad Bldg
Only one fuel can will fit into the carrier so while I pulled, Chuck carried the 2nd can....40+ pounds. Ugh!  When we got back to the boat,  Chuck emptied another 5 gallons into the boat. Happy Hours was  thirsty today but only took 15 gallons.  We both walked to Tidewater to fill the empty diesel and back.  Now we have a full tank with the 10 extra gallons on the deck...ready for our trip up the Chesapeake whenever the weather decides it's going to cooperate.  The only other job we need to do is empty our holding tank and fill our water tank.  We're not really sure when that will happen!

China Garden
All the while we were fooling around with the fuel, Rita and David waited for us so we can go to the China Garden Restaurant for lunch.   When we got there, they weren't busy and their buffett didn't have much food in any of their hot trays.  The cook assured us that he would make us anything we wanted and it would be included in the $6.60 buffett.  That's pretty interesting.  So I  asked him could he make Moo Goo Gai Pan?  He did and it was good and hot.  I don't think any of us left that place hungry!  After eating, we decided to walk and explore the stores on High Street. We found a cute boutique and then we moved on to the Kitchen gadgets. Before we got back on the boat, we walked over to the waterfront store, Skipjack.  If you're looking for something nautical, this is the place...both old and new!

Back to HH II...Chuck and I decided to read in our greenhouse.  Even though the winds were cold, the sun really warmed our cockpit to a nice temp and our side panels cut the wind. It only got into the high 40's all day but we were quite comfortable until the sun started to set.  We finally had to move into the cabin.  We both decided that tonight would be hot tomato soup to warm our insides and the Buddy Burner to warm the cabin.  The Buddy Burner does a great job of warming the main salon until we hit the down comforter!   Once in bed, I couldn't sleep.  The lines kept stretching and making creeking noises.  I even got up late to take a peek at the docks.  Holy smokes...the water is up above the docks...again.  These high lunar tides along with the wind driven tides need to settle down or I'm never going to sleep well!

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