Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wednesday, October 23rd


I am not a morning person!  So when 5 am rolled around and I woke up to men talking outside our boat, I wasn't a happy camper!!!!And it was difficult to go back to sleep because they kept talking....what a bummer.  There is a head boat and a tour boat the end of the T dock and the boat hands were prepping the boat for early morning customers.  

When we finally decided to get moving, it was raining, cloudy, and cool  Yuk!! What to do?  Our intentions were to move out and go to an anchorage at Portsmouth which is where boats stage for the next days start to the ICW.
It was so ugly out, that we decided to stay another night.  Chuck decided he could use this time to change the joker valve on our head......but after looking in every cupboard and locker, he couldn't find where he stashed it!  So he called the Hampton West Marine and yes you are right, they didn't have it.  Go figure.......!!I decided to wash another load of clothes.   Since there is only 1 washer and dryer.
Space & Aeronautic Center
We then checked on where the nearest Walmart was so we could provision our boat.  Of course it's too far away to walk so we walked about 7 blocks to the HRT....the Hampton Roads Transit to get the correct bus.   I almost tried to convince Chuck that we really didn't need to go....lets put it this way.....we were definitely the minority riders.  All I can say is, we are really getting could at getting around these cities on public transportation.  And it pays to be a senior citizen....only 75 cents each way.

Space & Aeronautic Center
On our way back from our trek, the sun starts to shine.   That's okay because the winds were suppose to not be in our favor crossing over to Portsmouth.   There's nothing much more to do here, so I know we're both ready to move on.  We have 8 days before we can cruise further south than Cape Hatteras.   November 1st is suppose to be no longer hurricane far, so go.


  1. Is Elizabeth City on your itinerary?

  2. So glad you are having a good trip. We just got your blog address from Sandy.
    Carry on, we'll be watching.
    Roger & Sharyn