Sunday, October 27, 2013

Saturday & Sunday, October 26-27th

Elizabeth City

Elizabeth City has such nice city docks and they are free!  The down side is that there is no electricity and you have to walk about 6 blocks to the Workout Factory to get your shower….$5 a piece.  If the winds are blowing in the wrong direction it can get quite a bit lumpy. We were lucky, the weather was in our favor.  As I stated in the last post, all of the boaters met for wine, cheese, and great company.  When that was all over, 6 of us decided to eat at the Grouper Restaurant immediately behind the deck that were were socializing on.  Frank & Mary Marie on Eleanor Q, Dick and Denise on Willoway, and of course the two of us.  The restaurant was very nice but our visit together was much better than the food! We decided to stay another day….along with sv/Eleanor Q and Al and Colette on sv/Euphoria

  Sunday, October 27th
It wasn’t quite so cold last night!  When we finally got up and went out on land, all the guys had their hoses linked so everyone up and down the city docks could fill their water tanks.  During this time we all got to meet Gus Etheridge.  Gus is a colorful local who likes to walk up and down the dock greeting and meeting the boaters.  He seemed to spend his entire day at the city docks and had more stories than anyone I know.  Our intentions were to explore Elizabeth City a little more, so after visiting with Gus, Frank & MaryMarie, Al & Colette, and the two of us decided to walk to a craft show that was being held in town. 

Needless to say, we got our miles in for the day!  After walking around the craft show, we decided to find the streets with all of the houses.  The architecture was amazing but some of the houses needed some tender loving care….up one street and down the next. 

Eventually we were near the main drag where there was a DQ!  Everyone was in agreement to stop for ice cream since there aren’t many places to buy a cone of any sort at anchorage or even when docked.  What a rare treat!!

We headed back to our boats and knew that the next item on our agenda was a shower.  But first…..I had to raise Chuck up the mast so he could put our anchor light back on top of our mast.  We need that for the next time we anchor.  He had quite and audience and Al came over to tend the safety line.  It turned out to be a quick up and down.  Now, our walk to the showers....which turned out to be closed on Sunday.  The door was locked!  We lucked our though, the owner was at one of the bars that we had to walk by and he followed us to his workout center and unlocked the door for us.  Al and Collette were not so lucky.  We got back just in time to go over to the deck for ‘wine and cheese’ time again and then off to Thumpers Bar and Grill which has cheap food and beer and stays open until 2am.  Of course we had to leave as soon as we ate because sv/Happy Hours II and sv/Euphoria are leaving in the morning for and anchorage off the Alligator River.  You can be sure that on our way home in the spring, we will stop at Elizabeth City.

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