Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday, October 21st

Reedville, Va to Mobjack Bay Inlet Va

Our anchorage in Reedville was perfect for a good nights sleep. Popping my head outside the companion way, the sun shining in to our cabin turned out to be very's quite cool out....48 degrees.  After raising the anchor and chain again with mud, we know for a fact that a wash down pump should have been on our list of things to add to our boat. Before starting the engine, we both commented on how picture perfect the last few anchorages have been.

Motoring down the Cockrell Creek, we passed two watermen on their crab boat pulling in and checking their catch.  The guy at the wheel made sharp turns from one float to the other while the second man used a boat hook to pull up the trap.  Continuing on near the Fish Processing Plant, we noticed that all of the huge fishing boats were gone from the dock except for one.  Fishermen like to get and early start!  We also saw brown pelicans flying in formation.  What a awesome sight.

We couldn't decide last night where our next stop might be.   Deltaville north off the Rappahannock is a popular stop for boaters....also Dozier's Regatta Point, up Broad Creek off the south shore.  However, that would be a short day for us, only about 16 miles.  Then we found Gwynn Island on the charts and decided to spend the night there.  However, after motoring out of Cockrell Creek and into the Great Wicomico River, we now see how nice it really is on the Bay so....we wanted to put in more miles to get us that much closer to the Hamptons.

On our way to Gwynn Island, we decided we couldn't stop.  It was too early in the day and the winds, waves, and sun were just super.  As the day progressed into afternoon, the surface of the water layed down evern more.  It is like a millpond!!This actually is the flattest that we've seen it so far on our trip.

We continued on to the Mobjock Bay Inlet and up the East River.  I had read about a small marina, Compass Point Marina,  that had great reviews....very clean and very friendly.  Thinking that there wouldn't be a problem getting a slip because this river is so far off the bay, we waited to give them a shout when we got close.  When I called, I found out that there was "no room in the inn"!!  That's okay because there are so many good anchorages back along this river....but we really needed a pump out.....bad.  Oh well that job will have to wait until we get a dock tomorrow night.

Mobjack Bay kicked up a bit
entering it in the afternoon!

It's too bad that every anchorage is so far off the beatin' path. By the time we motored into Mobjack Inlet Bay iand up the East River, it added another 1 to 1.5 hours to our day.  Unfortunately there's nothing at this stop!!!  All in all, it was a nice trip with a nice anchorage at the end of the day.  Hopefully tomorrow will be more of the same great weather.


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