Monday, November 4, 2013

Wednesday, October 30th

Our plans were to get up and take the courtesy car into Belhaven, NC this morning before heading out.  Of course, we four weren't in any hurry because the stores don't open until 8 am.  Al drove and we were told to watch our for deer....and bear....Oh no!  With the marina's directions, we were able to find the small town very easily. We stopped about everywhere....Ace, PO, Baker's  Supply, a Marine Store, Food Lion, the Variety Store, Dollar General, Family Dollar, ABC Package, and the PO again...In amongst our stops, we found a small hole-in- the wall restaurant for breakfast. 

On our way back to Dowry Creek, we passed our road but noticed our mistake and got back to the marina on time.  After we stowed our purchases, we decided to motor 3 hours and find an anchorage for the!  Who knows if the weather stays nice, we might go a bit schedule, no stress!!
We took off at noon after fueling up and pumping out.  We hate to go but we need to keep pushing south.  The Pungo River is very wide here with pine trees on both shores.  The winds are very light again so the water is nice and flat!

We eventually will leave the Pungo River and cross the Pamlico River into the Goose Inlet...crazy names.  At the end of the Goose, the river will spill us out into the Bay River which is where I'm thinking we will anchor for the night.  This will give us a 3+ hour day and put us that much closer to Oriental, NC.  Tomorrow will be a short day and that's good because the weather is suppose to start to worsen.

Woot, woot! We made it across the Pamlico River and even motor/sailed.  The houses are  beautiful along the shores of today's trip.  Wow! I wonder what these people do for a living. They sure can't be watermen!!  Some of the long docks probably cost a fortune, let alone the houses. 

Shrimp Boats on Goose Creek
Goose Creek

We actually are behind the Outer Banks today and a little below the latitude line that Buxton, NC lies on.  We are going south on the Goose Inlet looking for Campbell Creek....we changed our minds and thought this would be a much better place to anchor for the night.  LOL, remember...there are no schedules on our boats!  I think it was 4:00 by the time we rafted off of Euporia. 

Campbell Creek Anchourage
Campbell Creek Anchourage

Happy hour, dinner, and then Mexican Train before time to turn in for the night!


  1. I love the early morning pictures. Beautiful!

  2. Thanks Sharyn! That's a huge compliment from you. You should be here. Imagine the great pictures you could take with your camera!!