Sunday, November 17, 2013

Saturday, November 16, 2013

We definitely need to get an early start this morning out of Redbird Creek to make up for yesterday.  When we went out into the cockpit, all we could see was thick fog!  It had settled in sometime last night or early this morning.  Our best laid plans unraveled due to weather!  Eventually the sun burned the fog off at 9 am and that’s when we hauled up our anchor.

We thought today was going to be an easy day  compared to the past week or two….no bridges and no trouble spots!  Boy were we wrong!!  We grounded twice but both times were able to back off and find deeper water.  The first time was southeast of the 131A day marker which is in the North Newport River.  There already was a sailboat hard aground.  Al wasn’t  following directly behind us and he found the channel.  Lucky us!  Then the second time was on our approach to Creighton Narrows at dead low tide.  Once again Al was shifted a boat length to our port and was reading good water depths. 


So, it turned out to be one event after another today!  At one point, we even thought we would get to our planned anchorage early in the afternoon but that didn’t happen. 

                                                  Some sandbars!

After 44 miles, we finally reached our destinations of North River Anchorage at about 4:00.  Once up into this river, we were planning on motoring past the second bend in the river which is suppose to be the more protected anchorage.  We decided not to go any further than past the first bend when we noticed a sailboat hard aground on a shoal.  It was laying on its starboard side  and waiting for the tide to rise.  Tow Boat US was already there waiting for the boat to float again before attempting to pull him free.  While the 4 of us visited, we could watch at a distance.  Yeah for Tow Boat US with his 900 horses!!  He saved the day!

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  1. I feel bad for you having to miss the freezing cold, and the 12 inches of snow we have.
    Nothing like shoveling snow to put you in that Holiday spirit.
    It sound like you are having fun nevertheless.