Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thursday, May 29, 2014 Last Day of our Trip/First Day at Grand River Yacht Club

The winds howled out of the east all night and had us pinned against Geneva Marina's transient dock.  We were both so exhausted with the 95 miles we traveled yesterday, it didn't make a bit of difference! 

We weren't in any hurry to leave Geneva Marina because we only have 3 hours to get to our new home port of Grand River Yacht Club.  Our morning was spent visiting with marina friends: Hal, Carol, George, Matt, Chuckie, Fran and Ann, the new manager.     Lee and Carol even drove up from their new home, Ashtabula Yacht Club.  We finally motored out of Geneva at around 1:45 to a bright sun and winds that had just settled…still in our favor out of the NE.  I called Sue B so she and Jack  will be at the dock waiting to assist us.  It will feel really good to be home after 9 months and 2 days!  Our last trip turned out to be a beautiful afternoon on  Lake Erie….yes!    Surprise!!  Upon entering the east entrance to Fairport Harbor, we were greeted by the USCG.  They approached us and wanted to do an inspection.  I laughed!  Chuck laughed! We both couldn't believe it!!  I told the young Coasties that they were welcome to come aboard.   I also told them that we've been out on our boat for 9 months and 2 days and traveled over 4900 miles and they were the first to board us!!  What a ‘welcome home’ on our last day of our trip and our first day to our new home…Grand River Yacht Club!!   Chuck maintained our speed, the USCG motored up along side, and 2 Coasties climbed aboard....and we passed the inspection!

After the delay due to the Coast Guard, we finally were able to motor up Grand River.  Jack and Sue were waiting and directed us to a dock at GRYC.  We weren't able to get into our new dock, 12S, because the aft post wasn't placed in the middle of the well between docks 12 S and 13 N and we couldn't squeeze into our new slip.   Oh well, hopefully our dock will be available soon.
happy to be home!


  1. Congrats! It was great travelling down with you guys. Let's do it again this fall!

  2. Welcome Home !! Congratulations on your adventure. We were happy to be a small part of your adventure. Our memories are with us always. And every time we play Mexican Train, we wish you were right there with us too. Please let us know if you're planning to cruise again. We'd love to meet up with you again. You're truly special friends.