Saturday, August 24, 2013

Our Summer

Retirement is suppose to be rest and relaxation but so far our summer has been quite hectic trying to prepare Happy Hours II for our cruise south.  Chuck has been so busy....mounting our new davits, motor lift, a motor mount, auto pilot, adding and arranging new batteries....and that was before he installed a new impeller and changed the oil and diesel filters!  It seemed that for every few steps we progressed forward, we were pushed 3-4 steps back.  Such as the night in July when a storm passed through our marina with winds gusting 60+.  The winds somehow opened our jib and did enough damage to it that we had to have it replaced.  Or the many times when we thought our auto pilot was up and ready to go only to have to call Raymarine to have the techies tell us not to follow the directions in the manual that came with the instruments but to " do what I say"!!  It's been a very interesting summer to say the least.  Now that our departure day is quickly approaching, CJ managed to finish the enclosure to our cockpit just in time and of course one last purchase....a VHF radio because we just discovered that our old radio wasn't transmitting....wonderful!!!!


  1. Nice posting. Looks like you have it figured out. You guys are going to have a fantastic time.

    Roger and Carol

  2. It will all be worth it when you finally doing what you have been waiting to do! Sailing South! Have fun and BE CAREFUL!!! Love you guys!

  3. We are envious! Have a great trip. We will follow your blog.

  4. Good talking to you last night.
    Have a great time.